Consolidate Your Student Loans Today!

Student Loan Issues?

You might just love Sallie Mae/Navient...but if you're like most people they probably aren't your best friends right now.

Consolidation or the rehab program can help you if:

  • Your student loans have defaulted from non-payment
  • You're applying for a mortgage and need to lower your debt to income (DTI) ratio
  • You will no longer be enrolled in school and need to lower your monthly payment

Our partners at the Dove Foundation have helped others and they can help you too!

During a free consultation, they will let you know what your best options are for your situation. 

Options Include:

  • As low as $0 monthly payments
  • Student loan forgiveness
  • Payment options up o 25 years
  • Includes direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans, Federal Stafford Loans and all PLUS loans

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Consolidate Your Student Loans Today!

Will Frazier (The Credit Guru)


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