Check All 3 Credit Reports Today!

Need To Improve Your Credit?

You might be applying for a mortgage, just in need of improving your credit or wanting to maintain good credit. Whatever the reason may be you need credit monitoring for all 3 credit reports. (But it's not free)

Why Do You Need Credit Monitoring? 

  • You can get monthly updates and email alerts to keep up with changes to your reports
  • The 3 credit bureaus all have different accounts and information for you, so you need to see all 3
  • You never know which credit bureau a lender will check (All lenders don't use the same bureaus) so all 3 must be clean 
  • If you don't check your credit before you apply for something you can get declined, get a new inquiry, and cause your score to drop
  • You don't get any inquiries on your credit when you check it yourself. 

Can't I Get My Reports For Free?

Yes! You can get 1 free report from each credit bureau once a year for free...

The problem with that is: 

  • You don't get any scores
  • You can only get them once a year (each bureau report contains different info so ordering them at different times won't show changes that happened at the other bureaus) 
  • They aren't the easiest reports to read and understand whats going on with your credit

What About Credit Karma?

Credit Karma is another free option. They give you monthly updates and scores but...

  • You can only see 2 credit bureaus
  • You have to dig around their site to find all of the info on your reports

We recommend Identity IQ

  • You get all 3 reports
  • No credit Inquiry
  • You get scores
  • $25k Identity Theft Insurance
  • And Much More

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Check All 3 Credit Reports Today!

Will Frazier (The Credit Guru)


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